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Search bar no longer shows predictive results

Todd Norris

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When typing in a title into the "Title name or barcode" bar, normally a dropdown list will generate of predictive results based on the information entered. This is a vital feature for cataloging older comics that either do not have barcodes or are in a different series run. A few days ago, this stopped working for me in 2020 Professional and after uninstalling and installing a fresh version of the software, the feature is still not working. 

Is there a shortcut key that turns that off? What does anyone think may be causing this issue? I have had to put a hold on cataloging my collection due to this as the remaining ~1,000 comics do not have barcodes and I would prefer to complete this in the most time efficient manner as possible. 

Thanks in advance for the help.

Video of the error: 


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try downloading/installing the revised CB2020 program installer ( from your online account here:


if that doesn't work, did you do any kind of special searches with the Find drop down menu before the trouble happened? I wonder if the last thing you might have searched for was not a title or barcode number.

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Uninstalled and installed again. Typed in one letter and the predictive showed up. Typed the second letter and the dropdown disappears. I delete the text I entered and try again, this time, nothing.

Workaround... Ctrl+T and just use the pop-up window. That is currently working for me.

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Todd, can you try the following:

Next to the Find box (on the left), click the Find drop-down box and select Publisher.

Then do this again and select Title Name or Barcode.

Try typing in a title name.

Does it work?

On rare occasions, I have noticed that even though the text 'Title name or barcode' is displayed in the box, it seems to actually be set to do another type of search.

On those occasions, I have to specifically select Title Name or Barcode to 'reset' it back to this type of search.

PS this is rare enough that I can't recreate it.

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Hey Steven - 

I tried what you suggested and it didn't work for me.

Don't know why the main Find box won't work properly, but I have just been using the Ctrl+T Title Pop-Up screen and it has been working for me. 

On a side note, if I shutdown the program and restart it, I can type 1 letter, yes only one, and the menu appears. If I type another letter, the drop down menu disappears again and will not populate until I shutdown the program again. Even if I delete the text entered and retry, it won't work again.

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Check three  things:

1. Make sure you're running the latest build (I believe it's currently)

2. Click the Find drop-down and re-select "Title Name of Barcode"

3. Try expanding the top pane by dragging the separator window to make it slightly larger.

If none of these restores the auto-search, please send support@comicbase.com a copy of your ComicBase Settings file (from %appdata%\Human Computing\ComicBase\ComicBase Settings.ini) -- we'll see if we can spot the issue.


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