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Amazing Spider-Man 637

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I'm not sure that I understand the dilemma.  The first printing had two covers available in equal numbers (i.e., 50/50 variants), so in principle either of those could be cover A or cover B.  This issue came out in 2010, I think that it would require a compelling reason to switch the "variant A" and "variant B" designations since doing so at this late date will play havoc with everybody's inventory.  

The second print is the one with the white background and states "2nd printing variant" in the upper lefthand red box.  This one is not ambiguous, and it is correctly cataloged.

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According to GCD, the cover with Spiderman fighting Kraven is by Mike Fyles.

In CB, the Mike Fyles cover shows the comic with Spiderman in front of a tombstone.

One is right, one is wrong.  I don't know which is correct.  This my question.

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OK, I understand your question now.  

For what it is worth, CB's cover artist attributions for that issue match what is listed at mycomicshop.com

Fandom.com's Marvel wiki lists both covers as by Fryles, but errors have been found there in the past, so if they told me that the sky is blue, I would send somebody outdoors to verify. 

Personally, I'm not familiar with Fryles' art style to recognize it, but the cover marked in CB as being from Coipel looks like Coipel's work to me.  YMMV

All of the other "Grim Hunt" covers attributed to Fryles have a similar trade dress to them, particularly in regards to the "Grim Hunt" logo having the two words side-by-side, while the first printing covers not by Fryles have the words "Grim Hunt" stacked.  The other Fryles covers are also missing the traditional "Amazing Spider-Man" cover logo.  ASM #637 CB covers match this pattern.  Hardly definitive, I know, but thought I would put that out there.  

Hopefully somebody reading this thread will have stronger evidence for or against the cover artist attributions that are currently in the CB database for this issue.  

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I am not sure I see the problem.

In CB there is:

637/A    Spider-Man sitting in front of a gravestone     Cover Artist Mike Fryles.
637/B    Spider-Man and Kraven fighting                       Cover Artist Olivier Coipel

GCD has

Spider-Man and Kraven Fighting                        Pencils Oliver Coipel
Spider-Man sitting in front of a gravestone        Pencils Mike Fyles

Spider-man and Kraven fighting is signed 'Coipel' (look at the blade of Kraven's knife').

So, I am not seeing a problem. GCD and CB have the same cover and artist associated with them.


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