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Any clues what series this comes from

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Well, here is something interesting to note:  

When I try typing GI Joe a Real American Hero into the search bar on ComicBase, the Marvel/IDW title comes up easy-peasy just like it is supposed to.  

But when I try doing the same thing in the Atomic Avenue search bar, that title does not show up as one of the suggested titles in the drop down.  The GIJARMH Artist's EditionGIJARMH Complete SilenceGIJARMH Saturday Morning AdventuresGIJARMH Serpentor UncoiledGIJARMH Snake Eyes: The Origin, and GIJARMH vs. The Six Million Dollar Man are the only suggested titles.   If I type in A Real American Hero, the dropdown gives me the same choices... but clicking outside of the dropdown and then clicking the GO button, I get a number of additional titles that *should* have shown up in the search dropdown but were MIA.  

So just a heads up to @Mark J. Castaneda, @Peter R. Bickford, and the HC programming team that the Atomic Avenue search tool still has some kinks in it that need to be ironed out.  

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