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Schiff's Shoes reprint issues

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Schiff's Shoes gave away a variety of reprint issues back in the 1950s/60s.  I think they were all published by Blue Bird Comics.  I'm trying to understand how these are recorded in the master database, and also how to insert a particular issue.  I have a reprint of Black Fury (Charlton) #21.  However, it's #4 in the Schiff's Shoes (Blue Bird Comics) giveaway run.  I've attached a cover scan.

It seems like this should show up under the Black Fury (Charlton) title, yes?  However, even though it's issue #4, it's contents are a complete reprint of #21.  Also, it wasn't published by Charlton, but by Blue Bird.

To add to the puzzle, the master DB has a title called Blue Bird Comics and it has a single issue, a Big Shoe Store giveaway of a Li'l Genius comic.




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This is a complicated one and will probably need HC input.
Using the GCD (Grand Comic Database) as a guide:
'Black Fury' had a title from 1955 - 1966 (issues #1 - 57) with Charlton as Publisher.
'Black Fury' had a second title from 1959 - 1962 (issues #1 -15) which reprints some of the first series (mixing covers and contents). It has Charlton in a truncated version of an indcia (could be due to the reprint) but has 'Blue Bird Comics' on the cover.
Each of the 15 issues was for a various shoe stores (Schiff's Shoes, R & S Shoe Store, Big Shoe Store, and Gallenkamp's).

At a guess, I think this would justify a separate Title. I would have just one Title with variations for each number as needed for the various Shoe store stamps.

I am basing this on the mix of covers and contents.  The one you included as an attachment is the Cover from #4 but contains reprint stories form #21 of the original 'Black Fury' title. This would not work well trying to make a 4/A variation (with mismatching content) or a 21/A variation (with a mismatched cover).

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Based on Steven's answer, this sounds a lot like March of Comics in that various retail stores would have their name and/or logo printed on the cover of the issues that they were giving away in their store.  The database doesn't treat these as different variants and AFAIK the collector's market as a whole doesn't distinguish between the different retailers when determining a value for a particular issue.  

With that in mind, IMO the database probably shouldn't track each of the different shoe stores as a different variant for this title.  (These shoe retailer issues should be tracked differently from the regular newsstand editions, certainly, just not an individual variant for each individual shoe store.)  

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These all appear to be the same title with the 'shoe' variants':


Comicbook Realm


I don't know that any one of them is a complete set but merged to together, it should be a good start.

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