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Errors Uploading data and pictures

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When I upload information, I get the usual "successful" pop-up window acknowledging my upload.  However, if I also have cover scans to submit, when I click "yes" when asked if I want to upload them, I get an error message and it's unclear whether it's just the cover scan(s) that failed to upload, or the issue information, too.  Upon closing that error pop-up, I also get another error message saying that the program is unable to assign points to my profile for the data/cover(s) that I submitted.  This just started on Jan 1, but continues today (Jan 2).

Any thoughts on what's happening?


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Need to know a little more information to give a more direct answer but here are the basics.

Is the Title / Issue in CB?

If No, then it needs to be added.

If Yes, then...

A) Scan the cover, crop it to just the cover and save as a .jpg file (I use 300 dpi but lesser values are okay)

B) Rename the saved cover to the Issue number. l type it exactly like it is displayed in CB EXCEPT replace any / (slash) with a - (dash).

(NOTE: If you are in Album View, switch to Grid view to do this as Album view names are not as easy to explain)

C) With the Title displayed that the cover is for, Drag/Drop the cover anywhere in the Grid area (it does NOT have to be exactly on a particular line).

D) Select/Hi-Light the issues, Right-Click on it to display the pop-up menu and select 'Submit New or Corrected Data'(last item in the list).

This will send the information to the editors, and if a newer/larger scan is detected, will ask if you want to send the cover.

These are the basics. Each could have more detailed explanations, if needed.


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Thank you.  This is beyond me. I am getting a bunch of Crowdfunding comics and they are not in the database.   Its kind of making this database less and less relevant unless adding crowdfunded comics to this gets easier


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Direct market comics get added to the content updates bc Human Computing has accounts worth Diamond, Lunar, and PRH. They actually receive retailer solicitation information and physical copies of most/all non-incentive floppies from those distributors and use those to generate the bulk of the data for the database. (Collected editions are a lot more expensive, so HC relies on info initially provided by the distributors’ solicitation info and later on ComicBase users to submit scans of the final products and any necessary corrections.)

For the various crowdfunding sites, there is no efficient way for gathering the equivalent data like there is from the direct market distributors. So HC is largely dependent on individuals to submit information for crowdsourced publications. Not sure that there is any way around that, any comic database program would face the same problem. Certainly HC *wants* to include info for crowdfunded comics, it is really an issue of getting the data. 

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6 hours ago, John Bua said:

How do I add the cover images to the database?

Scan the cover, crop it so only the cover is showing and save as a .jpg file.

In Grid view look at the Issue number. Name the cover scan exactly the same as the Issue number with the exception that any slash '/' is replaced with a dash (-) (because Windows won't allow a slash in a file name).

Then, while displaying the Title the cover will go in, drag/drop the cover scan into the Grid area. This does NOT have to be on the specific Issue line. Just anywhere in the Grid area.

If you like, after adding the cover scan, Select/Hi-light the Issue( s ), Right-click and select Submit New or Corrected information (at the bottom) of the pop-up menu


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