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Grading Questions

Andrew d’Entremont

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  1. When using the grading wizard, I noticed not all categories (like paper whiteness) are added to the grading notes. Is there a way to include them, or is it only something which lowers the grade that gets included in the notes? 
  2. Other than having the grading notes field populated with entries from the grading wizard, is there a way to tell which comics have been graded using the wizard? I don't see a way run a report to find out which issues I've graded using the wizard. Even having a visual cue like making the row a different colour would be helpful when browsing my collection.
  3. If I scan the cover of an issue I have graded and use that as my cover in ComicBase, does that cover get uploaded to Atomic Avenue if I put it up for sale? One of the reasons I ask is because ComicBase does not have a "Newsstand" variation so the cover that appears on Atomic Avenue will not accurately reflect the actual cover if it's the newsstand edition. AS a buyer I know that I would much rather buy the direct edition of a cover rather than the Newsstand edition.  It would also be a good way for customers to see what the actual cover of the comic they are buying looks like.
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1: It appears that the defect that causes the lowest down-grade is included. If there is another less severe defect it isn't listed. In the bottom left corner, you can see the text that will be added to the Grading notes as you grade an issue.
For example, Select Binding Quality of "slight mis-centering of cover" lowers to NM/9.4 (with text displayed)
Continuing and changing Tape to "Moderate (less than 2"...)" lowers to G/2.0 with the text changes to the Tape information. Since the first mis-centered info was less of a down-grade, it is ignored.
If needed, you could manually edit the Grading Notes and add additional information.

2: If you are asking which Items have Grading Notes, you can do a Find for Item Field "Grading Notes" and use Is Greater Than <space> (press the space bar in the text box).
If you are asking for which ones you have Graded which didn't generate any grading notes (no down-grading of condition), I can't see how that could be found. If you have Custom Columns, you could use a Custom Check box to indicate Graded.

3: I am not an AA expert but I think just the master database cover (the one at HC) is used on AA. Your own cover isn't displayed.

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Not sure if this is a tech support question or not. It may just be a grading question in general.

In using the grade comic feature, I noticed that the grades go down and then back up. The grade drops progressively from White, like new (MT/10.0) through Cream/tan (G/VG/3.0). That makes sense to me, but then Tan goes back to VF/8.0 and the grades start dropping off again to Brown (FN/6.0.).  This holds true even if Paper Whiteness is the only criteria I select.

That doesn't make sense to me, but I'm a far cry from a professional grader 🙂

Apologies if this is the wrong topic, it was the closest I found.

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Using the Grading Wizard, It does look like it is a little off when it comes to Paper Whiteness. Here are the choices and the resulting Grades:

White/Like New   MT      10.0
Off White             NM        9.4
Cream                  VF/NM  9.0
Cream/Tan           G/VG    3.0
Tan                       VF         8.0
Tan/Brown           FN/VF   7.0
Brown                  FN         6.0

At a guess, it looks like the G/VG 3.0 Grade should be the last (Brown) and the ones below moved up. This makes more sense:

White/Like New   MT      10.0
Off White             NM        9.4
Cream                    VF/NM   9.0
Cream/Tan           VF           8.0
Tan                          FN/VF    7.0
Tan/Brown           FN           6.0
Brown                    G/VG      3.0

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