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  1. I recall we made tweaks to a label bug reported a few builds back...Are you using the latest CB2023 build?
  2. You're correct. I didn't realize with this post it was specific to 'Titles'
  3. James, sounds like you own them and a bit of clean up is needed overall. Bottomline... Should the listings under "Justice League of America: The Bronze Age Omnibus' title remain but with more accurate information be added? Do Bk 1/HC-Bk 3/HC need to be removed under the main 'Justice League of America' title?
  4. screenshot how you're doing you're search, so we can replicate the results.
  5. I'll have the Editorial team take a stab at the clean up. Not sure how you're doing your editing but 'Find and Replace' option under the Edit menu is available for big edit jobs like this.
  6. Notes field is preferred for any indicia mistakes.
  7. Programming team tried a bare bones update (for comics and magazines only) and didn't have any trouble with your database. There maybe other settings we're not accounting for that you go with when you update...can you screenshot your Update options so we can try to replicate with the backup you saved to us?
  8. We cleaned up what you noted for the upcoming content update. If you find more, you can send a correction via the software's internet menu>send new or corrected data option.
  9. Can you list what titles/issues are involved so i can notify our editorial team to look further into them?
  10. Do you get the same problem updating a brand new database? This step will help us if the problem database specific OR system specific.
  11. not hearing anyone else have the same problem since this week's content update got released. Try optimizing the database and try again.
  12. not sure exactly, it will likely be discussed with the upcoming livestream. Does the optimize setting seem to be working okay with the new build?
  13. New Build is available to download that should address the problem ...give it a try
  14. thanks, i'll rely your info to Pete to have him look into it.
  15. Try running the Rebuild Lists (File Menu>File Tools) and see if that helps. If you have further trouble still, please reach out to our support team at support@comicbase.com
  16. Ugh... didn't read your Edited to Add bit and ended up removing it by accident. Can you resend it so we can add it back into the database and provide the updated street date?
  17. No issues with the manual Optimize (meaning it fully completed with no errors)? Programming team would like to inspect your database, can you 'Save to Cloud' with Sidekick to upload your database to your online account. After you do so, please email our support team at support@comicbase.com and they'll look further into it.
  18. Pete suggested to try doing a manual optimize (File Tools>Optimize); afterwards see if the software keeps optimizing as you launch and exit out of the software.
  19. Double-check your optimizing settings in Setup Menu>Preferences. You can set to 'Never' if you wish for Optimizing.
  20. interesting bug... i'll have it reported to the programming team.
  21. Good catches... will notify the Editorial team to look into all 3.
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