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  1. we've fixed them in our master, you may have to manually adjust the capitals in your database
  2. -Fully exit out of Sidekick -press and hold down the 'Ctrl' key on your keyboard then start up the main ComicBase software, this should force a reindex on your 'ComicBase Database' file. -go into the software's internet menu>check for updates to apply the latest content update to it. If it goes smoothly then you should be okay. If you still have trouble, please contact our support team directly at support@comicbase.com OR 408-266-6883
  3. if you have any weblink(s) to show this selling or sold for higher please provide them and i'll share with the editorial team.
  4. I'll let the editorial team know to look into current value for Infinite Crisis #5. thanks for the heads up.
  5. the email for pete is correct. If your firewall is off, then it could be some sort of protection software blocking outgoing uploads and messages. You might also see if resetting your modem could help. Also visit Speedtest.net, and see if you're getting any kind of upload speed issues. If you still have trouble, you can give Pete a call directly at 408-266-6883 ext 403
  6. Shared your post with our editorial team... The very recently released 'Dawn of DC Primer' and 'Dawn of DC Knight Terrors' titles can be adjusted as you proposed. The others have been in the database too long at this point, adjusting the title names/issue designations would change users' collections. They will stay as is. Your points on everything will be kept in mind as we index future releases going forward. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Thanks for the heads up Steve, i messaged our programming team to look into it. Hope to have it resolved by end of day. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. Download/install the revised CB2023 program installer (v23.2.2.2901). Restart your computer afterwards and see if that helps. If that doesn't work, try the following: -using Sidekick's Optimize database option -visits Sidekick setting's General Tab and review your database list. Make sure your main file(s) are all displayed with valid file paths. Use the + and - icons to adjust the list if needed. -If none of suggest tips above don't work; then try using a backup copy of your database If you still have trouble, message our support team at support@comicbase.com
  9. Looks like a server update paused our automated processor over the weekend. It's now catching up, it should be able to process all pushed reports in 90 min or so.
  10. Spoke with the programming team... The compression part of the 'save to cloud' process can put heavy demand on your CPU for a minute or so which is likely when the problem occurs for you. They suggest rescheduling 'Save to Cloud' when you know you'll have 5-10 minutes to spare OR just run the process manually.
  11. First off, download/install the revised build for CB2023 (v23.2.2.2901) from your online account then restart your computer afterwards. I'd suggest changing your Sidekick Schedule settings to some early morning hr when your done gaming for the night but your computer will be on (ex: 3am). By the time you wake up to use your computer again, Sidekick would have done what you setup.
  12. This title got messy... Hey Steven, Can you send in corrections for these mentioned issues? We'll go with what you describe for our next weekly content update. Thanks.
  13. John, if you haven't already... make sure you download the latest weekly content update for the software's internet menu>check for updates
  14. Anyone own of copy of the recently released Dawn of DC Primer? Would like to verify what the title name is stated on the interior indicia (fine credits) page so we can properly index it into our master database. thanks.
  15. Fright Night (Tom Holland's...) is the keeper
  16. thanks for the info. We never got our copy from out distributor, as a result we'll tweak the title to 'Dawn of DC Knight Terrors FCBD Special Edition' this issue numbers within the series will be #FCBD 2023 and FCBD 2023-A (Foil Cover by Jason Fabok)
  17. Thanks. We'll go with that title stated on the indicia. We'll also enter 'Spider-Man 2' into the issue's Item Title field in case users try to search for it by its cover title logo.
  18. That date is likely very off. I'll notify the editorial team to research it for next content update. thanks for the heads up.
  19. Anyone own the Spider-Man 2 custom comic? We'd appreciate an assist to verify what official title name is noted on the interior issue's indicia (fine credits) page. Thanks
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