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  1. There was a terrible cartoon version of the Thing where his alter ego was a teenage Benjy Grimm with magic rings who said "Thing ring, do your thing" to access his powers.
  2. I saw an article on BleedingCool that, quoting MyComicShop, says that Marvel will be switching back to a better cover stock going forward, but there are still a few issues in the pipeline that will have the cheaper paper. They list a number of the affected issues. Here's the link: https://bleedingcool.com/comics/were-this-weeks-marvel-comics-printed-on-toilet-paper/
  3. I saw a CGC 9.8 copy of Marvel Previews #95 (first appearance of Miles Morales, though not in a story) go for over $11,000 on eBay last year, so, yes, some of them are worth money to some folks.
  4. There was a period when Gladstone tried publishing a number of their Disney titles with covers consisting of the same paper stock as interiors. Most, if not all, of these are noted in ComicBase as "newsprint covers" -- see Donald Duck Adventures (Gladstone), for example, where #34 says "Newsprint covers begin" and #43 says "Newsprint covers end." This situation with Savage Spider-Man and a few others is a bit different but seems somewhat analogous. "Newsprint" wouldn't be the right term for whatever paper was used for them, and I understand not wanting to go crazy adding minute detail about cover stock for everything in the database, but it would seem worth noting that these issues have unusual characteristics. Not only will they not hold up as well in the long term, but more copies than usual were reportedly damaged in shipments to retailers, making fewer high-grade copies available from the outset.
  5. Yes, I still can't consistently reproduce the problem myself. It only happens with some of them. I still have a lot of question marks. I'll keep trying to figure it out. This was the first time I'd seen it happen since I initially posted. The condition of this one was Fine before it got changed to NM. They've been changed from other conditions, though. I can't add much else at this point.
  6. I increased the number of backups kept after your previous suggestion. The change in condition occurred relatively quickly after I added this last example--before a backup could show it in its previous state--because I added the comic on Friday (or possibly Thursday) after the update last week and made a backup on Friday night. I've never manually selected or scheduled Rebuild Lists or Optimize Database. I've sent my data to the cloud periodically, which seems to trigger one or both of those actions.
  7. I just noticed that every comic this has happened with has had a cover price of 0.75 or less (USD), whether it's an old Dell comic or a recent FCBD issue. I don't know if that could have anything to do with it, but it's kind of odd. On the other hand, it could just be that most of the comics I've used the grading tool on have been older (and more beat-up) or FCBD issues with store stamps or stickers. It's the only commonality I'm seeing among the affected comics, though.
  8. It has happened again: another comic that I graded using the grading tool somehow got switched back to Near Mint. I checked through my backups, and unfortunately, I don't have a backup that shows the comic with the grade it was originally assigned. Its first appearance in a backup shows it in Near Mint with the grading tool's data in the Grading Notes field. I can eliminate the ComicBase update as the cause of the problem, however. I added this comic after last week's update. I found it using the Advanced Search option outlined earlier in this thread. I'm still not sure why or exactly when these are changing, but updates were not a factor this time.
  9. Yes, that's a good point--it wouldn't make sense to combine publishers from different countries. I can think of a lot of other examples of series that went through multiple publishers: Walt Disney's Comics and Stories went from Dell to Gold Key, to Whitman, to Gladstone, to Disney, back to Gladstone, to Gemstone, to Boom, to IDW, all within the same series. Popeye went from Dell to Gold Key, to King, to Charlton, back to Gold Key, to Whitman. Later publishers (Ocean, Harvey, IDW) started new series. Many other licensed Dell titles went to Gold Key and Whitman without starting new series. Yummy Fur went from Vortex to Drawn & Quarterly with continued numbering. Bone went from Cartoon Books to Image and back again. Eclipse and First continued a number of titles when Pacific went defunct. However, nothing else really comes to mind where one publisher did the series, another publisher did a collection, and it was presented as part of the same series. I'm sure it's happened, but I can't think of examples at the moment.
  10. Thank you. I did consider that it had a different publisher, but there are plenty of series in the database with multiple publishers under one title, and that clouded the issue for me. Nonetheless, this gives me a way to list the book.
  11. I have a book called Hawkeye Omnibus Volume 1 published in the UK by Panini, who apparently license Marvel material for reprint there. It contains the stories from what is listed in ComicBase as Hawkeye (4th Series) #1-11, but it does not align neatly with any of the collections already listed under that title. It is also not the same as what is listed separately in ComicBase as Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja Omnibus (I'm not sure why that has its own listing instead of being another entry under Hawkeye (4th Series).) So I'm not sure how to add my book. There are already books listed under Hawkeye (4th Series) as Bk 1, CS 1, and Dlx 1, and this doesn't have exactly the same contents as any of those. It comes closest to the Dlx 1, but it doesn't contain the additional story from Young Avengers said to be contained in that book. Its cover uses the same artwork as Bk 1, but the trade dress is somewhat different. To complicate matters, my copy says "Third impression" in the indicia, which I take to mean "third printing." So maybe it needs to be added three times--? What would be the correct way to add this to the database?
  12. A figure reachable with Vampirella variant covers alone...
  13. I meant that it was my first time using the Advanced Find feature. I've spent the last six months or so entering my collection into the database, so I'm still relatively new. I've been doing the automatic backups, but I've only been keeping five of them. I'll have to go in and change that. Thanks.
  14. Thank you for that. It took me a minute to locate the Advanced Find function (first-timer!), but plugging that search in turned up 11 issues that have changed back to NM but retained the grading notes. That includes the four issues of Uncle Scrooge I've already mentioned. It does not include the issue of Captain Marvel Adventures that I went back and fixed. Twelve comics is not a lot, but it's about 16% of the ones I've used the grading tool on. I'm still not sure what else they have in common.
  15. As I pretty much expected, none of the comics I entered and started watching changed conditions after the new update. I can't provide any further information or evidence as to why or how some conditions have changed before, but I'll try to watch out for it in the future. At least the Grading Notes field helps to show that I'm not imagining it.
  16. I understand that the factors causing this problem are likely obscure. I've added another batch of comics graded with the grading tool that I'll be keeping an eye on. Probably nothing will happen now that I'm paying special attention, but we'll see. So far, I closed the program and went back in, and none of this batch changed conditions. I'll do a new backup right before this week's update, and I'll check things again after the update is installed.
  17. Only one of the four affected issues (#114) is listed as changed in last week's update log.
  18. My update settings are shown below. I don't know how easy it is to replicate the problem. It hasn't happened to every item for which I used the grading tool, only some of them, so there must be some additional factor I haven't figured out yet. I'm also not 100% certain that the update caused the problem; I only know that I noticed that the conditions were changed back to "Near Mint" sometime after updating. It's possible that they changed before I updated but I didn't notice it until afterward. I've got more comics coming up in my cataloging project that I'll be using the grading tool for. When I get to those, I'll pay very close attention and take notes to see if I can figure it out, assuming it happens again.
  19. For what it's worth, here's the detail from Uncle Scrooge #59.The Grading Notes field contains all the defects I selected using the tool, but the appropriately-adjusted Condition has not been retained; instead, it's Near Mint. The value has also reverted to the Near Mint value.
  20. Unfortunately, I don't have a backup that shows the "before" state. I only have them from before I entered those issues and after the condition got changed to NM. I'll try to remember to make a new backup just before installing an update from now on.
  21. I'll try to watch this more closely going forward. All I can really do right now is point to a few issues that still have the grading notes from the grading tool but conditions of Near Mint. I don't know if that would help with anything. In my current database, I've noticed this with Uncle Scrooge #59, 84, 114, and 147. I haven't tried to fix them yet.
  22. The latest update seems to have overwritten some of my Condition field entries. Specifically, at least four issues of Uncle Scrooge that I assigned conditions to using the grading tool have been switched back to "Near Mint." The grading notes are still there, but the grades (and values) are now wrong. It is an inconsistent problem, because other issues of the same title that I entered on the same day still have their correct lower grades assigned. I suspect the update only because I entered these issues a few days ago and then noticed the problem after last night's update. I thought this happened to me once before with an issue of Captain Marvel Adventures, but I wasn't sure at the time and decided to ignore it, redoing the grade. I entered these Uncle Scrooge issues just a few days ago, so I know the switch is not in my imagination. Hard to say if it's happened with other titles/issues. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there some factor or step I'm missing?
  23. The entries for Escape to the Stars (Infinity) and Escape to the Stars (Visionary Graphics) should be merged. The publisher changed a few times during the course of the five-issue series. I do not have the first two issues, but cover images show the Infinity logo on them. For #3, which I do have, there's a Works Associates logo on the back cover and the indicia says "Published by Works Associates by special permission of Infinity Visual Productions." I don't have #4 and the cover image doesn't have a publisher's logo, so I don't know what that issue indicates, but #5 says Visionary Graphics in the indicia. I'm pretty sure it's all one series and not a case of any reprints.
  24. Caliber published what amounts to three "series" called Calibrations. The first was a single-issue preview of 1990 releases. The second was a single-issue preview of 1992 releases. The third was a 1996 five-issue series of science fiction comics. In ComicBase, the data for the first series is inaccurate. It wrongly contains the five issues that belong to the 1996 third series. It does not contain the 1990 preview that I have. The second and third series appear to be accurately represented in ComicBase. But for the first series, there should only be that one issue. Technically it is not numbered, and there is no indicia, but an interior text piece refers to it as "the first issue of Calibrations." I considered deleting issues #2-5 from the first series and changing the data for #1, then submitting the corrected data. But I thought maybe an explanation was warranted. If it would be better for database admins to make this change, I could submit a cover image later on.
  25. The link to the ComicBase forum at the end of the FAQ page (https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/FAQ.aspx) goes to an old forum instead of this one. It's not a huge problem because that page has a link to this one, but it would be better to link directly here.
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