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  1. That is interesting. I am using CB 2020 Archive Edition v20.0.1.2847 and when I try to run a Collection Report for Wanted items (the List Only Wanted Items is checked), I get a message "No items were in your collection inventory which matched those criteria" even though I do have them. Here are the steps I take: Select the Collection Report from the Reports menu. Click on Selected Titles, then the Choose button. Click on the Titles in Stock, and then high-light a Title that I have at least one Item # with the Wanted field checked and click okay. Back at the Collection Report window, I now have 1 Chosen next to Selected Titles. I have Tried Basic and Summary so it doesn't matter which one is chosen. I Check the List Only Wanted Items box. (no other box is checked). and the click on Preview. Since I DO have an Item # that has Wanted in that Title, I should get a report but get the message I mentioned before. I have gone back and selected Current Title (still a Title with and Item # with Wanted checked), and Titles I own (which has many Titles/Item #s with Wanted Checked) and all get the same message and no report. I have even used Select Titles and, when Choosing, high-lighted every Title in CB without getting a report. Edward, can you pass on you CB version and exact steps you are taking to get a successful Collection report of Wanted Items, please?
  2. I am using CB 2020 Archive Edition v20.0.1.2847. There appears to be a bug in the Price Labels report when you choose the Selected Titles option. With it, you get ALL Issues in the Title (not just the ones you own). All the other options (Current Title, Titles I Own, and Selected Items) return only Items you own.
  3. Collection Report looks like the correct one, and it does have a List Only Wanted check box, but it does not appear to work (and it should). I did the same steps of selecting all titles and checking the Wanted Items check box but it doesn't find anything. A normal find on field Wanted, however, does return the rows.
  4. I exported data from CB to see what it looks like and have some suggestions. You may not need all of these but this is what will match what CB is expecting and make it easier. Change all your Title names to Match CB Title names. example: Alpha Fight (1983) to Alpha Flight (1st Series) Change Condition to NM. example: Near Mint to NM Add number of Issues (Qty In Stock). example: add 1 Remove the Dollar Sign from Cover Price and Cost. example: change $0.60 to 0.60 Remove the CGC Rate (or you can just ignore it as long as it is the last column). Remove the Variation column (combine it with the Item #). example: Item # 1 and Variation A to Item # 1/A (if you can match what CB has, that would be the absolute best). If you don't have the exact Title to match the one in CB, it will import it with Unknown Publisher and NOT have a single issue in any of those Titles (I hope this is a bug that can be fixed...). I made these changes to your file and Imported it to a New Database without any problems. If you have other Conditions here are the various abbreviations you can use: MT NM VF-NM VF FN VG G FA P CGC 10.0 CGC 9.9
  5. Not sure if this is the exactly problem or not, but when you move items between 'types' (Books, Comic Books, Magazines), not all information is transferred. I am not sure what information isn't transferred. Another point. While you can move items wherever you like, CB now tracks Art books in Books and not in Comic Books. If you Own Item #s in the 'misplaced' Title, they will not be deleted during a weekly update but I don't think they will be updated, either. Also, if the Title has multiple Item #s (i.e. HC 1, HC 2, etc.) and you only own one of them, all others will be deleted. Basically, if it isn't a comic type story (text only, illustrated text (illustrations not really needed for the story), guides (overstreet comic guide), etc.) it is considered a Book (or possibly a Magazine).
  6. I am not sure if you still have a problem or not with the greyed out items. If you are, what you need to do is select the issue by clicking on the first box on the row (the far left) which should high-light the row. (you can select multiple rows at one time, also). Once that is done, it previously greyed out items should be available.
  7. Run File Tools->Rebuild Lists Series Information. I think the way CB works now is using 'static' lists (at least this is the easiest way to explain). Just adding a new Title doesn't automatically update these static lists. Rebuilding Series information appears to update them.
  8. You can always use Street Date for this. If it is currently empty, you can put what you think is a good 'cover date' in the column. If an actual street date is added, it should replace your estimated date without much difference.
  9. Yes, any column requires data to be useful. Some of this is the Publishers fault as far as Books go. In the past most all books had a Published date in them. However, for the last several years, this information has been removed. Without this information, there is no Cover date data to add to the Issue. For current items, Street Date can be used (but, again, only if that information is known and entered). Getting Street Date for old issues is problematic. To get around this, to some extent, I use one of my Custom Date columns to store dates (I call it Pub Date) for items that don't have data (actually, I store it for all the items I own). This allows me to do some of the date searches you are probably trying to do.
  10. The new database has apparently had some redesign of some of the Tables. Not sure there are individual Titles and Issues tables anymore. I have no knowledge of the actual Tables/Columns and structures than any other user of CB. I can just see little glimpses from the failed SQL statements that are printed in the error messages. However, with SQL there are two ways to qualify column names (normally to distinguish between the same column name in more than one table). One is if the Table is given a reference name. An example is FROM TITLES T where columns in TITLES can be reference with T. i.e. T.Publisher. Two is the actual Table name. An example is FROM TITLES where columns in Titles can be referenced with TITLES. i.e. TITLES.PUBLISHER. I have worked with Databases and SQL for almost 30 years so I can sort of figure some of this stuff out. It is not easy to pass that on when so much is just guess work on a tiny view into the database.
  11. Try this: ComicTitles.Publisher = 'Marvel' AND [ItemNumber] LIKE 'Anl %'
  12. 1) If you misidentify you issues variation, you have problems not matter what. 2) Unless your scans are relatively small, the update process shouldn't overwrite the existing cover. Also, since you (should) have your cover scans in a separate directory, you shouldn't permanently lose any of your cover scans. You can just copy them back in, if needed. On my old 24" monitor I created cover scans with a pixel height of around 1,500 for my new, larger monitor, I use 2,000. At those sizes they haven't been overwritten by anything in an update. But everyone's situation is different (smaller screen sizes (especially laptops)) so the way I do it may not work for you.
  13. Just a suggestion as I do something similar (keep my scans in a different directory). What is different is I don't switch directories. I leave CB pointing to a CB Pictures folder and when I create a new scan in my directory, I copy it into CB, letting it replace the cover scan. When you do this, it will delete the old one and replace it with the new one (including the thumbnail).
  14. Everything Fred posted and: If Street Date (or Cover Date) does not have any values, those issues won't be found. However, if you have the Professional (or higher) Edition (and a barcode scanner), you can use Menu Items->Add By Barcode to enter all your new comics without having to use Find to get them in a list.
  15. Yes. Use menu item Setup->Columns to View. You can: 1) Rearrange the order of the columns by selecting an already check one and use the Move Up/Down buttons. 2) Remove displaying a column by unchecking it. 3) Add columns by checking the column( s ) (and then clicking on the field column to activate the Move buttons) then use the Move Up/Down buttons to place them where you like (one a a time. Note, If you check multiple columns, the first click on the Move button will place all the newly checked columns up to the bottom of the already checked columns.
  16. That'll teach me to scroll down... When I typed, Firefly in the search box, the last entry on my screen was the incorrect Firefly: Sting. Just a little scrolling would have shown me the correct Title... Thanks.
  17. All I can say is I haven't experienced anything like this. Running Rebuild Lists and Optimize Database (both under File->File Tools) my help.
  18. Firefly: Sting is not the correct title. The actual title is Firefly: The Sting.
  19. Moved to Books: Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\N\Night Shade\Agatha H. and the Airship City Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\N\Night Shade\Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\N\Night Shade\Agatha H. and the Voice of the Castle Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\T\TwoMorrows\American Comic Book Chronicles- The 1970's Title Name Change: Delete or Move ALL (1-A.jpg - 3-A.jpg) From: Pictures\D\Dynamite\Red Sonja-Vampirella To: Pictures\D\Dynamite\Vampirella-Red Sonja Issue Deleted: Delete 1-A.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\E\Eternals, The (This looks like a legitamete price variant so I am not sure why it was deleted) Move 20.jpg From: Pictures\I\Image\R\Rat Queens To: Pictures\I\Image\R\Rat Queens (2nd Series) Rename 2.jpg to 2-A.jpg From: Pictures\I\Image\U\Undiscovered Country
  20. I may have typed too soon... The test Title I was using seemed to bring up suggestions. However, a closer examination reveals some weird behavior. Here is what I had to do to (apparently) fix it. click the Find drop-down box (to the right of the input box, and select Title Name or Barcode. (Yes, it appears it is already checked but select it anyway. After I did this, it started working as I expect. For some unknown reason, the initial display is acting (for me) as if Storylines was selected.
  21. Just passing on information. I just downloaded and installed and the psychic typing in the Find box is working for me. Doesn't really help you but at least it isn't a common bug that is affecting everyone.
  22. Brett, ComicBase 2020 Pro Edition does not come with the ability to download covers (that is in the Archive Edition). However, it should not get an error message as you describe. Also, even with the Archive Edition, downloaded covers can and do have watermarks. You can add your own covers. You just have to name them to match the Item #. Basically leave any Alpha-Numeric and replace any other characters with a dash. 1 would be 1.jpg Bk 1/B would be Bk 1-B.jpg After naming you can drag drop them over the Grid area for a Title to add them.
  23. No, you are doing nothing wrong. This process was changed in CB 2020 to just add issues and not merge them.
  24. I am not sure I follow you but... If you mean clicking on the large Cover in the top right corner, you can still do this. Right-click and select Show Picture File and windows explorer window will open with all the *.jpg files for that Title in it. At that point, just select what you want to delete and delete them as you would in Windows..
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