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"Not a valid image file"

Randall J. Paske

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I have no zero-byte image files. My error messages do not cascade like Andrew's, though that did happen to me once as a seemingly separate issue. The last two times I have updated, I have had to click through the hundreds of error messages similar to the one I posted. (I wish there were a "Yes to All" option.) I don't want to go through that again if I don't have to, so I'll wait for the next update to see if it happens again.

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This may be related. For the past three weeks, the covers downloaded had 'problems'. This has been fixed but you may still have these bad cover on your disk.

One easy (but very slow) way to get rid of them is to use File Tools->Rebuild Lists and use 'Picture Files List (slow)' (and it is very slow for my Archive pictures took several hours to finish (4-6? I didn't time it but it was a very long time.)

Alternately, you can look at the last 3 log files and use the Pictures downloaded paths to find all the pictures (but this is both slow and manual).


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