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Deleting Adult Comics

Craig A. Guerin

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In general, whenever you perform a content update, your database will always matches our complete listings in our Master Database. So removing certain titles you don't care for from your database would be undone when you perform your next content update.

Alternatively, take a look at the 'View Menu' and it's 'Items to Show' option - you can have it set to just things owned.

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I'm wondering if there's any interest out there for an option to avoid downloading mature readers only titles as part of updates. (If this option would be combined with the current option to remove titles not in the update, it would have the effect of stripping off the mature readers only titles that aren't in stock). 

What does everyone think--worth it, or not? (FWIW: we've probably fielded the "why do you guys keep putting ribbons over the naughty bits" question at least as frequently). And no, before anyone asks, we're not going to start maintaining two sets of cover art to satisfy the "ribbon/non-ribbon" crowds 😉



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I think this would be an important change to CB and probably should have been added a long time ago. Since CB can be marked to any age group, having the Mature titles always visible is sure to have caused problems (and possible lost sales).

However, I am not sure you can just use the current 'Marked as Mature' title check box to do the filtering.  Some Titles are more 'mature' than others. Using movie ratings, There are X, R, NC-17, and PG-13 Mature levels. Some people don't want and X rated Titles but would be find with R and under. Others won't want anything over PG-13.

I am not suggesting having so many levels, just pointing out there are different extremes.  Maybe two levels (X type and Not X type) would give enough flexibility.

Another possibility, is having the user control what is acceptable and what is not by checking a box at the Title level. But then you would probably need a password protected Parental Control feature to prevent 'kids' from changing the setting.
One possible problem with this approach would be how you would uncheck a Title since, once checked, it would no longer be available.

Also not sure if Cover Scans for the Hidden/Deleted mature titles would be deleted and unavailable (outside of CB).

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