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ComicBase Screensaver

Robert Wood

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I loved the Comicbase screensaver but the old version now doesn't seem to work with the current version of windows and there is no new version on the Comic Base website to download.

I would be happy to pay for an updated version.

Windows 10 slideshow doesn't work with nested folders.

Any chance?

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I have a few questions about the screen saver:

1. How do I get it to activate on its own, after a period of idleness?  I have it set to five minutes, but it never starts.  The only way I can experience it is to start it manually with the preview button in the Windows screen saver settings.

2. Why do I have one called ComicBase Cover Gallery, and also one called PComicBase Cover Gallery?  (Settings applied to one seem to carry over to the other.)

3. Where is the screen saver located on my drive?  It's not in the System32 folder with the standard ones.

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1) I just tried the screen saver with 1 minute and 5 minute delays. Both started after the appropriate time.

2) Not sure about the extra one.

3) Appears to be located on C drive in Windows/SysWOW64.

For 1, have you run other screen savers successfully? (I assume so, but just checking).

For 2, If the PComicBase Cover Gallery.scr is in the SysWOW64 folder, try moving it out and see if anything breaks. If not, just delete it.

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Yes, I tried the Windows screensavers "Ribbons" and "Mystify" and they both started as normal.  If it means anything, ComicBase also does not show a preview in the little monitor in the settings window, while the others do.

Weirdly, I could not find the PComicBase Cover Gallery file in that folder, and when I brought up the settings again it was not in the drop-down list any more.  Guess I don't have to worry about that now.

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What happens when you go to the Windows/SysWOW64 folder and double click on ComicBase Cover Gallery.scr?

When I do, it starts the screen saver immediately.

If it still doesn't work, you could try to Uninstall/Install CB (Not sure if you need to uninstall the CB Resources file or not.

(I don't think the screen saver is a available as a separate install item).

Note Uninstalling CB does not affect your database or Picture/media files.  If you delete the Resources, it may affect some settings (not sure).

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When I double click the screen saver file directly it starts.

I also tried some other third-party screen savers and they don't start either, except manually.  Maybe my version of Windows only works with their own screen savers.

Since you mention the Resources, I just noticed that I still have CB 2021 Resources installed.  Since I am using 2022 (and have its Resources installed as well), is it safe to uninstall the 2021? 

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