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CB Mobile locks up when reading a report

Dennis W. Strasburg

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I have been having a problem with ComicBase Mobile when I want to look at my Title Report.  After selecting the report, I click on 'view report' then click on the letter where the specific comic(s) are located.  CB Mobile will either freeze when the title report comes up or it will get as far as the letter section then freeze.  Android will give a pop-up asking whether I want to quit the app or continue to wait.  I've clicked 'wait' 3 times before quitting the app.  At first, I thought maybe my phone (Samsung S7) didn't have the resources, but my tablet (Samsung Tab S5e) had the same problem & it is fairly new.  Restarting the device would allow the app to work most of the time.  Any advice?  Thanks, Dennis

  • ComicBase Blu-Ray Archive Edition (latest update)
  • ComicBase Mobile (latest update)
  • Title report has no cover images and ~30K titles (or is it issues?)
  • Cell Phone, Samsung S7, Android 8 (OREO), 4GB RAM, 32GB storage
  • Tablet, Samsung Tab S5e, Android 9 (PIE), 6GB RAM, 128GB storage
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I've noted that the reports are now loading in their enirrelty rather than by section. It used to be that if you clicked on the letter "s" it would only load titles starting with "s", but now the whole report loads and it just jumps down to the letter selected. Is it possible that loading the whole report at once is causing the problem? 

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Reports are automatically sectioned into alphabetic sub-reports beyond a certain number of characters (I'd have to look up the limit). Basically, it comes down to " what will load in a reasonable amount of time on a number of test phones running the latest versions of iOS and Android we have here).

Fundamentally, you're looking at web page at this point, and it's up to the phone itself to parse the HTML. When the report gets too large, it's automatically broken up into smaller reports, united by the alpha bar at the top of the screen to make it seem like a single report. The smaller reports load faster, but aren't searchable across the entirety of their length (since they're actually several reports). It's a dance to see how much we can get away with showing before every individual user's phone or device can't parse them. The report limit has been fixed for several years now, but if we get increasing reports of trouble, we can move it down. (Choosing less data to report on is also an obvious answer).



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On 2/12/2020 at 6:09 PM, Peter R. Bickford said:

As a heads-up: changed the maximum report page size (before longer reports are broken into multi-section reports) from 2 MB to 1 MB. If you've been having trouble loading reports on your device, try reposting and seeing if the new reports aren't working better for you.

Ugh.  I can see why this would be a reasonable default for phone users, but I actually use the web report on my laptop and find it most useful to have everything listed on a single page instead of 27 separate screens.  So if I want to see what titles I have that contain the word "Frazetta", I have to check each screen on the report or open up my Windows partition and launch ComicBase.  It was much faster to just bring up my old single screen report and do a text find on that.  

Is there any chance that an "ALL" button can be added next to the "Z" button?  

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This is going to be a bit of a dance between supporting the least capable phone out there, with the least memory--and not making life too difficult for people with big reports. Fundamentally, all the reports are just big html files, and I'd definitely prefer that they load up as one big file, so they're easily searched. It seems, however, that some folks are using devices which become unresponsive or sluggish when asked to parse the larger report files, forcing us to break them up after a certain point.

There may be a clever use of javascript which could provide us with a unified "search all" -- if so, that'd be the way I'd like to approach the problem, ultimately. We'll try to explore this further once we punch a few more items off our "to do" list.

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