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  1. we got your email concerning this. Sharing our reply in case anyone has similar trouble: You may not be loading in the right database file... In ComicBase 2020, go to the File Menu>File Tools>ComicBase Database Manager – this will search your entire computer for all database files and give you a hard instock total each. The process can take a few minutes to track down all your databases but naturally pick the database with that has the most comics in it as your database going forward.
  2. the cover size set to none was the problem. Pick a size like 24 and it should display properly. I'll notify the programming team of this.
  3. any mention inside the Francis, Brother of the Universe #1 if its a Canadian edition? Can you provide a cover image for the GI Joe: A Real American Hero #3 M Logo Variant?
  4. I'll ping the programming team on this. You can send in a direct request by email to support@comicbase.com if you wish, be sure to include your User ID. email address, and last correction point total.
  5. Nothing on the horizon at the moment. We traditionally do them around SDCC in July and Holiday season
  6. I'll let notify our programming team to look into it. Might be a good idea to manually backup your database(s) in the meantime.
  7. if its still not working, in CB Preferences menu, select instead the 'Save backups to same folder...' option then hit Save. Exit out of CB2020 and see if the backup process works to the default location. If it does, try setting the other 'Save all backs to folder' option again and exit. Let us know how you make out.
  8. just replaced the cover... will be included in this week's content update.
  9. for this comic, the issue detail screen should have the printing set to 2 rather than 1. Very odd... I'll forward your trouble up to the programming team and see if they can chime on what's going on.
  10. are you using the latest revised build for CB2020 (v20.0.2.3162)? If not, you can download/install it here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  11. I'm thinking a title named Mystery Comics (Western) would make sense. We can then list the issue numbers under the title with notes to support them. ex: #1 (Note: Dark Shadows), #2 (Notes: Star Trek), etc. Thoughts?
  12. Do you have a recently dated backup that you can load into the software that doesn't have the problem? Also, can you verify the build version you're using? I don't think there's a v20.0.2.3641 (v20.0.2.3162 is the current available version) Anyone else have this trouble with the recent content update?
  13. can you screenshot what you're seeing so we can get an idea of the problem?
  14. try out the newly announced 20.0.2 build: https://comicbase.com/mycb/Updates_Current.aspx
  15. Gonna have to overhaul the listings for this title with the next content update. thanks for the GCD Link.
  16. Western is the publisher it looks like. Naming this title will be the challenge. Does that header card have any info...a kind of theme we can use the name the title?
  17. on the covers, what does the color number near the top right mean? Any idea?
  18. i'll have to chase down a better scan (hopefully before the next content update).
  19. will be added to the content update later in the week.
  20. In the Software, go to the Setup Menu>Preferences - is automatic backup checked? If it is, how do you normally exit the program? Also make sure you're using CB 2020 build (, if you need the latest installer for it you can download/install it from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  21. our scanners come with the proper setup codes for reading comics. Any other you get outside of ours may not be programmed out of the box. You may have to hunt for the setup codes to read comics.
  22. Hi Thomas, sorry for the trouble with the steps. I forwarded your post to our programming team to refine the process better. Alternatively, you can download the revised CB2020 installer from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  23. Hey Rob, if you're talking on the website, it would be under comicbase.com>backups - a new date should be noted if you backed up recently. *Btw: our report processor froze up last night, if you tried to use the 'save to cloud' option in the last 24 hrs give us a couple of hours to process anything that was sent since then. Message us on Slack if you don't see it update by the afternoon.
  24. log into your online account (comicbase.com>my account>registrations) and redownload/install the CB2020 program installer (has been revised to v20.0.2.3162). Here's a direct link to it: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
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