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  1. any colon marks in that title name according the indicia page?
  2. Hey Mark, Looks like your recent purchase added another year of weekly content updates for your CB2023 Express Edition. If you're already using that edition, then there's no need to download/install the software again; continue to use CB2023 like you normal would.
  3. Your database may be corrupt. If you have an export file with all your data, email it to our support team (support@comicbase.com) and they can try to plug it into a fresh database file.
  4. Hey Lance, Email this kinda of stuff to our support team directly @ support@comicbase.com as they don't monitor the forums on a daily basis. They can address your adjustment usually the same day for you.
  5. eBay is not main go to source for pricing. Greg is on point with our main sources for pricing.
  6. you got to be careful when using more than one computer. You need to make sure you're using the exact same database file with the same Database ID number for the mobile app to show you accurate stats. Go back to my original reply and do what i stated there (There's also a new version of CB2023 that you might as well download/install).
  7. James... the $109.95 upgrade price applies to users who have an Archive Edition already. If you're switching Editions from the lower Express Edition, the upgrade price is higher.
  8. Thanks for the heads up, looks like the webteam needs to update the build that’s being downloaded from the server. They unfortunately are out of town at an expo; we’ll message them to fix it remotely, check back later this evening.
  9. Optimizing is usually the magic solution for any database weirdness.
  10. Its really hard to account for different users display configurations. You may want to see if you have other programs and/or special power saving settings that could be set to conflict with the screen saver. Also look into making sure your Windows system and video card is updated with the latest firmware. *If you have special display settings that we should know about please let us know (ex: resolution, multiple monitors, etc.).
  11. Cancel out. Optimize the database then try to update again
  12. send us a submission for it through the software if you don't mind. thanks.
  13. screenshot the error, not the title itself
  14. can you screenshot that error? Sounds like you run your currency in your database in £ than $ (US), that correct?
  15. rementioned to the dev team for consideration in next version.
  16. Have you downloaded the latest build? I think Pete addressed the refreshing of the covers (if available on our server) as you scan in that Add by Barcode window.
  17. Hey Mark, this i prefect opportunity to use the "request price check" option under the software's internet menu to let us know that the pricing should be reviewed for this issue. This will get our editorial team's attention on it and get it reevaluated for you.
  18. you got many databases by the same name linked to your account which is confusing our system. Would suggest going into your online profile page here, glance down towards the Known Databases section of the page and removing ALL databases you currently linked to your profile: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/profile.aspx Next, make sure you're using the most up to date version of CB2023 (v23.2.2.2682). Download/install it from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx Lastly, launch CB2023 and load in the database you wish to associate with CB mobile app. Go to the File Menu>Collection Statistics-this will give you the db's overall stats AND link it to your online profile/mobile app. Going forward, you should then be adding comics through the mobile app to that database.
  19. Almost sounds like you accidentally cleared out the default install path for the software when you tried to install. It can happen if you accidentally click outside the window. Try to restart the Program Installer process (it usually plugs in the proper install path). If you still have trouble, please contact support@comicbase.com
  20. -thanks for spotting the typo. -anyone own this? would like to know if the majority of the contents contain comic strip pages to justify it being moved to the 'Comic Book' category.
  21. We recently made a few tweaks to the software, Head to your online account and download/install the revised CB2023 program installer (v23.2.2.2665): https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx Restart your computer afterwards. Launch the main CB software, go the File Menu>File Tools>Optimize Database lastly, run the content update on your database and see if you're able to get through it or not (internet menu>check for updates). If you still have trouble, please contact the support team directly (support@comicbase.com).
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