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  1. It isn't easy to catch when the Publisher of a Title changes and I missed this one when The Phantom (1st Series) changed from Charlton to Gold key. So... Delete or Move ALL From: Pictures\C\Charlton\Phantom, The (1st Series) To: Pictures\G\Gold Key\Phantom, The (1st Series)
  2. Delete or Move 2-A.jpg & 3-A.jpg From: Pictures\O\Oni\Agretsuko To: Pictures\O\Oni\Aggretsuko Rename 1.jpg to Bk 1.jpg, 2.jpg to Bk 2.jpg, & 3.jpg to Bk 3.jpg then Move From: Pictures\P\Poison\Cavalcade of Boys To: Ten Minute Cartoons\Cavalcade of Boys, The (Ten Minute Cartoons) Delete 1121.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dell\Hercules Unchained (Duplicate of item # in Pictures\D\Dell\Four Color Comics (2nd Series) ) Rename HC.jpg to Dlx.jpg From: Pictures\D\Del Rey\Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, The Delete 10.jpg From: Pictures\J\Jeremy Dale\Skyward (looks like a pre-production cover for a cancelled issue)
  3. A couple of things you can look at. Is Sidekick running? Right-click on the Task bar (or use CTRL+ALT+DEL) and select Task Manager Click on the Startup tab. See if Sidekick is listed and Status is Enabled. If not, Right-Click on it and select Enable. This will start Sidekick the next time you start your computer. If it IS Enabled, then you may just may need to display the icon in the Tray area. Click on Start, then Settings. Then select Personalization. Then select Taskbar. Part way down under Notification Area, click on the hyperlink 'Select which icons appear on the Taskbar'. If Sidekick is in the list, select the button to turn it ON. If Sidekick isn't running... Click on Start. Scroll down to ComicBase 2020... and expand it. Right-click on ComicBase Sidekick and select More > Open File Location. Right-click on ComicBase Sidekick shortcut and select Open File Location. Double click on ComicBase Sidekick.
  4. According to Pete in Wednesday's ComicBase Livestream (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSplMPZH9Vk) it doesn't look like they will have a SDCC sale as there is not SDCC this year. You can watch the video and confirm if I heard it correctly.
  5. When using Quick Change on Fields that contain multiple values is you have to list all the values. For example if the Artist field has J. Scott Cambell, Jack Kirby. If you do a Quick Change to correct Cambell, and just typed J. Scott Campbell, the Artist would just contain J. Scott Campbell. The Jack Kirby entry would be erased. You could try to change it to J. Scott Campbell, Jack Kirby if you just had the one row. But if you have multiple rows, then they would all be set to the same value you entered (either just J. Scott Campbell or J. Scott C\ampbell, Jack Kirby. For the most part, the names with typos only occur a just one or a few rows. The best, easiest way I have found is to just type in the correction manually and then submit the corrections. PS when manually changing, I then to use Paste to insert the missing value as it would cause other names after it to be erased. Or I would copy the rest of the row, type the changes, then paste the info back. Or you could just copy the whole set of values to Notepad, make changes then paste it all back.
  6. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\S\Source Point\Comic For Flint Hope, A To: Pictures\S\Source Point\Comic For Flint, A- Hope Delete 1.jpg From: Pictures\B\Black Mask\Space Riders- Vortex of Darkness (duplicate of 1-A.jpg)
  7. What edition of CB do you have? I have the Archive Edition (v3663) and Popular Comics #103 has a cover in my database. I removed it from the folder and attempted to down load it which it did successfully.
  8. Sorry, you are right. I mistook the 'we don't have one' for the upload instead of on the download as we clearly stated...
  9. If you were presented the dialog box of "Do you Want to Submit Your Cover" (not exact text but close enough) and you clicked Yes, the the cover was submitted. In CB 2017 there was an additional dialog box after letting you know how many covers were sent. CB 2020 doesn't have this additional dialog box.
  10. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\W\Warren\Horror of Party Beach, The To: Pictures\W\Warren\Famous Films Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 1-I.jpg) From: Pictures\D\DC\J\Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular To: Pictures\D\DC\J\Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular, The Delete or Move 1-A.jpg From: Pictures\O\Oni\Rick and Morty Presents Council of Ricks To: Pictures\O\Oni\Rick and Morty Presents- Council of Ricks Delete 1.jpg From: Pictures\R\Red Giant\Duel Identity
  11. It has been awhile but I don't recall any major problems. Pay to upgrade to Archive Edition. Down the Archive Edition. You can either Un-Install the Pro Edition and then install the Archive Edition (probably safest) or (possibly) just install the Archive Edition (which should do the un-install for you). The only thing I can think of that could give a problem is if the Serial # of the Archive Edition is different from your Pro Edition Serial #. You can check in you account act ComicBase.com by looking at the Registrations. If it is different, you will need to enter it somewhere ( I can't seem to find where but you may be prompted for it when installing or first opening the database. If you have problems send an email to Support@comicbase.com. Also, either order the disks to get all the covers or download all the picture files then install them from inside CB. You will use the same database as it is not deleted during any install process.
  12. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\I\It's Alive\Battle for Britain To: Pictures\I\It's Alive\Battle for Britain- From the Pages of Combat Rename Bk 1.jpg to Bk 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\B\Batman Who Laughs Rename Bk 1-LE.jpg to Bk 2-LE.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\U\Umbrella Academy, The- Dallas
  13. You can try deleting the Thumbnail folders located at: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Human Computing\Thumbnails. (they are recreated by CB as needed). You can either delete the whole directory (there are different ones per cover Icon size that has been used) or drill down and delete the Title folder or the individual thumbnail.
  14. Not sure what you formula is doing but this seems to work for me. Note: I am multiplying Height and Width by 1.0 because the columns seem to be defined as Integer (no decimal value) and Integer / Integer results in an integer value. By multiplying by a decimal, it turns all the output into decimal. I.[QtyInStock] >= 1 AND ( I.[PictureWidth] * 1.0) / ( I.[PictureHeight] * 1.0) > 1 Also, there are some books that are wider than they are high and are not wraparound or gate-fold which will also show up with this query. If you want to fine tune it a little, you can change > 1 to something like 1.2 to control how much wider than high the cover is.
  15. Rename TPB.jpg to TPB 2.jpg From: Pictures\I\Idea + Design Works\Art of John Byrne's Next Men, The Rename TPB.jpg to TPB 18.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\B\Bettie Page- Queen of Hearts Rename TPB 1.jpg to TPB.jpg & TPB 1-A.jpg to TPB-A From: Pictures\B\Ballantine\Shadow, The (Ballantine)
  16. Hmm... The only thing I can think that I might have done differently is I ran Optimize Database after the Rebuild Lists Picture info. Since the Picture columns can't be displayed, I have to determine what is stored there. Using The Phantom (1st Series) #3.jpg as a test, multiple finds with Between shows the value for this is 3149. This matches the Property values for the file which has the value for Size: 3.07 KB (3,149 bytes). So try using Byte values instead of KB values. Keep in mind that if NULL is stored there NULL is not < (or equal) to anything.
  17. By the way, on my computer, I ran into a problem when displaying a Find result that has more items than rows to display in a Grid (causing the < number - number > at the bottom of the page). For now, to get around that, you can use Preferences to set Rows to display in Grid to more than 5000 (I have mine set to 100000).
  18. After about 1 hour , the Pictures files list rebuild completed. After that an Advanced Find using: I.[QtyInStock] >= 1 AND I.[PictureHeight] IS NULL Seems to have found Items I own that do not have a picture.
  19. What version of CB are you using? A new version (v3599) was just posted today. Until this version, using File Tools->Rebuild lists and checking the box regarding pictures actually didn't work. This have been fixed with the newest version. I have downloaded / installed this and am currently running the process which will take a LONG time. How long depends on where you pictures are located and how many you have. I have mine on an M2 drive which should run faster than if on a Solid State Drive which should be faster than on a regular hard drive. Once this has completed, the various Picture columns 'should' be updated and then your Finds should work (at least I hope so...).
  20. Mine does the same thing but doesn't take near as long. About 10 seconds. My database is on a M2 drive, however.
  21. I believe HC doesn't have a problem with installing CB on two computer (home and laptop) but they will have to let you know that (I think the question has come up before). As for the app, I don't think it allows you to access you home computer database directly. You have to save a copy (or a report?) to the cloud and then the app reads that, I think. Never having done this, I will let other explain in more detail and how to do this.
  22. Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dynamite\Art of Dejah Thoris and The Worlds of Mars, The Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\I\Idea + Design Works\Art of John Byrne's Next Men, The Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\B\Bettie Page- Queen of Hearts Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\W\Whitman\Big Little Book To: Pictures\W\Whitman\Tailspin Tommy (Whitman) Rename TPB.jpg to TPB 1.jpg & TPB-A.jpg to TPB 1-A.jpg From: Pictures\B\Ballantine\Shadow, The (Ballantine) Rename 2.jpg to 2-A.jpg From: Pictures\V\Vault\Finger Guns
  23. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. To me, Cost is what I Paid for an Issue. I don't own it, then the Cost is 0.00. If I ever change Qty to 1 or more then Cost would be some value. If you handle cost differently, then that is your choice. I will just have to set discount to Zero to get the Cost to act the way I expect.
  24. CB currently has Title "World's Finest: The Guardians of Earth". The actual Title (on cover and indicia) is "World's Finest: Guardians of Earth".
  25. Except, it isn't behaving the way it should. Any new Item added that has a Qty of 0 should have a Cost of 0.00. Since these appear to be newly entered Items, with Qty = 0, the Cost should be 0.00, but the Update is setting it to Cover Price * Discount % for every new item the update adds to the database. Cost should only be set if Qty is set to 1 (or more).
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