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DC Black Label size

Fred Slota

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I don't know for sure if HC still expects imprints to be tracked in the same way that they used to track (for example) Vertigo titles under a separate publisher designation than the rest of DC's output.  It looks like all of the Black Label titles have DC listed as their publisher, and a quick spot check of a couple of titles did not show any of them even mentioning "Black Label" in their entries.  

Again, @Mark J. Castaneda should be able to provide a clear answer on that.  

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So, newer issues were added to several of the DC Black Lael titles without this identification in the Notes Field.


Rather than updating those issues, I have realized that this is actually the wrong way to go about this.  This is breaking one of my database guidelines of minimizing repetition.  DC Black Label isn't something that varies variant to variant or issue to issue, it's something that varies title by title, and as such should really be noted in the Title Description.


I'm going to go back and remove my previously entered I.[Notes] entries and would like to request a statement of "DC Black Label" be placed in the Title Descriptions for the following titles

American Vampire 1976
Batman Day Batman:White Knight Special
Batman vs. Bigby! A Wolf in Gotham
Batman: Damned
Batman: Last Knight on Earth
Batman: One Dark Knight
Batman: Reptilian
Batman: The Imposter
Batman: The Smile Killer
Batman: Three Jokers
Birds of Prey (5th Series)
Catwoman: Lonely City
Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child
Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey (2nd Series)
Hellblazer: Rise and Fall
Human Target (4th Series)

Joker (2nd Series)
Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity
Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity - Secret Files
Joker: Killer Smile
Last God, The
Last God, The: Songs of Lost Children
Last God, The: Tales from the Book of Ages
Nice House on the Lake, The
Other History of the DC Universe, The
Peacemaker: Disturbing the Peace
Question, The: The Deaths of Vic Sage
Rogues (DC)
Strange Adventures
Suicide Squad: Blaze
Suicide Squad: Get Joker!
Superman vs. Lobo
Superman: Year One
Swamp Thing: Green Hell
Sweet Tooth: The Return
Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons
Wonder Woman: Dead Earth

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