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The Maxx - will the real issue 0.5 please stand up?

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Similar to my earlier post about seemingly identical multiple entries for the Wizard issue 1/2 giveaway for Doom's IV, I find three seemingly identical entries for the Wizard giveaway for The Maxx.  There are actually seven entries, and three of these additional four entries also appear to be identical to each other.


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Yes, I have also noticed the software can introduce duplicate rows in some unknown fashion.

It did this with the old database engine and seems to be occurring with the new database also.

With the old system (back when Group By was a working part of the Advanced Find, I found and deleted them. As I recall (with may rapidly aging memory) they were issues I didn't own.

With CB 2xxx, I have found a way to find duplicates with Advanced Find and deleted the ones I found.

Since, then, I haven't found any more duplicates but, not knowing what causes them, I don't know if or when they will return.

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I found about a half dozen in my copy of CB this weekend.  I was entering books and ran into a few Wizard 1/2s.  Each one I pulled up had multiple copies listed of only the 0.5 issues.  It didn't matter how many different versions of 0.5 there were, they were duplicated multiple times.  Heroes Reborn comes to mind.  I had a regular copy and a platinum(?) version.  Both were in CB and there were probably between four and six identical entries for each of them.  All of the Wizard 1/2s (0.5s) I added were the same.  Additionally, no other issues in the titles were duplicated.  I really didn't give it much of a thought on the first one.  Or the second one.  By the third I was questioning my sanity!

On a related note, in looking at AtomicAvenue, there is no platinum edition.  I didn't create an entry for mine, it was in CB already. 

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