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Another screensaver suggestion

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Hello -

Even though I have mature comics turned off on my screensaver, I still see some especially questionable book covers being displayed. What if we had a option to only display in the screensaver comic books we own?


Thanks, Mike

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I agree.  We have a setting for Mature Only, but not for Owned Only?


While we're making suggestions, how about the option to have it display based on an Advanced Find search.  Think of the flexible use...  A store could display current issues, or sale issues, or...

How about the option to choose between full screen single cover, collage, or both?

How about the option for Full Screen Single Cover to include a caption, identifying the book, and maybe the notes?

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Okay, just noticed that hovering the mouse over a cover in the screen saver displays the Title and Issue.  Not used to thinking about using the mouse during a screen saver...


Have a suggestion that might be difficult to implement...  Extra-wide wraparound and gatefold cover scans, when they occur in the screen saver grid, would be better appreciated if they spanned two positions in grid.

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