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  1. Thanks for the catch! We've revved the setup sheet for the scanner here to remove any extra spaces that get inserted: https://www.comicbase.com/Support/CB_Wireless_Scanner_Easy_Setup.pdf The latest build of ComicBase (build 1669) also handles the issue. -Pete
  2. Fixed. The extraordinary number of magazines added actually broke the page!
  3. Sounds like your anti-virus program went crazy and deleted ComicBase. I'd suggest finding a less crazy security program.
  4. I'd try the following: 1. Use File > File Tools > Optimize Database to make sure your database is in good shape. 2. Exit ComicBase 3. Go to your %temp% folder in Windows and delete anything it'll let you delete (some items will be busy--this is fine) 4. Restart 5. Try the update again, and let us know if you still have a problem.
  5. Right now, we're letting the grid auto-layout the data. Given that everyone's dataset is different (could have anywhere from 1 day of data to 2 years), I'm not sure if there's a normalized way to lay this out which would make everyone happy, but it's worth giving some thought/investigation to.
  6. Fixed in build, available now under downloads.
  7. The thumbnail cache isn't meant to be cleared by picture rebuild (Picture rebuilding doesn't recompute thumbnails--it finds which database entries have pictures, and plugs in their physical dimensions into hidden fields in the grid.). This allows us to figure out when a certain downloadable picture is bigger (or present) than the one you've got. -Pete
  8. We have to start from the database entries and find scans that match, since punctuation etc. makes the reverse of the process problematic. E.g., a title like "Bob: The Living Superman" has a picture folder of "Bob- the Living Superman" [since ":" is an illegal character in Windows--there are hundreds more like this]-- you can't start from the picture folder and reliably find which character was replaced (by the "-") to get the database entry.
  9. Right now, the wanted list sync is one way--new items wanted in CB get added to AA. We can consider making it two way in the future.
  10. Only thing that comes to mind: Are you perhaps storing your media files on a much slower disk than your pictures? The only thing ComicBase is reading is the presence/absence of a file called [item number].cbr (or .pdf, .cbz, etc.) -- it's not opening the file or doing anything else -- it's purely a directory scan operation. Unless the disk is very slow/failing, I can't think of a cause that adding as many media files as you want would slow the scan. -Pete
  11. We're also investigating whether certain characters in the user id/pw might be playing a part in this issue (possibly by being rejected by server software as looking like an invalid request). If you're having the problem after installing build 1903 and following steps 1-4, please reach out to support directly at support@comicbase.com.
  12. Typically, this is a firewall issue--Basically ComicBase is sending out a request to see what the latest update for your software is, but the firewall is blocking the response, so you get an error message. To troubleshoot issues like this; 1. Make sure you're running the most recent version of ComicBase--uninstall/download from My Account > Registrations/Reinstall if not. Note: I just put out a build 1902 which adds additional troubleshooting info to that error message--please message me directly with a screen shot if you are having trouble after following the steps of this and I'll try to help you investigate further. 2. Make sure you can connect to comicbase.com with your web browser. 3. Temporarily turn off _all_ your security/firewall software (you may have multiple firewalls running) and test to see if you can connect to the server using a Check for Updates in ComicBase 4. Once you are able to make a connection, turn on your security software/firewalls one by until you find the culprit. Then, make sure both ComicBase and ComicBase Sidekick are allowed as exceptions. Note: ComicBase and ComicBase are automatically added as exceptions during install to the default Windows firewall--if that's all your using for security, you shouldn't have any problem connecting. If you're running other security suites, you need to make sure both ComicBase and ComicBase Sidekick are added as allowed programs, or they won't be able to reach the server to check for updates. If you're really stuck, give support a call--we may be able to help troubleshoot the problem -Pete
  13. Thanks for that. The problem was specific to counting the results of the "Current value" where conditions weren't NM. Fixed in build 1858, available now.
  14. Sounds like you might have an incomplete download -- I'd go ahead and restart, try it again. (clearing items in your %tem% folder would also be good). Get in touch with support directly at support@comicbase.com if you continue to have trouble.
  15. There was also a problem, as it turns out, with a stored procedure on the back-end which wasn't associating titles and their media types properly. Fixed now, so older versions of ComicBase shouldn't have a problem. Posting a new version (1711) which should work for all media types. -Pete
  16. TLDR: Fixed in build 1711 Longer: Kind of a fun one: the actual query was just listing all the various countries' currencies in alphabetical order. As it turns out, SEVERAL countries use the EUR as their currency (not surprising), but an even bigger number use USD. In reality, picking any one would have the same effect, but good to have spotted/fixed in any case. -Pete
  17. Try now--I had to restrict the auto-downloaded list to just comics for the moment. Working on a newer rev to ComicBase that will properly process magazine, book pictures into their proper locations using a new web interface in order to preserve compatibility with older versions of ComicBase. -Pete
  18. Steve answered this well. Only thing I'd add, is that you can also select the rows from _any_ find, highlight desired rows (or Ctrl-A) to select all, then use them as the "Selected issues" for any issue-based report (e.g. price, ID labels), or select any titles you and use them as the selected titles for any title-based report (e.g. Collection report, Issue checklists, Price List) -Pete
  19. To anyone having an issue logging in: go to ComicBase.com and do a password reset. If you have a very old password, it might not be seen by the mobile app. If the problem persists, please follow up directly with support@comicbase.com or call 408-266-6883
  20. The problem is that your database is locked--essentially meaning another program is using it (often something like OneDrive). If this happens to you: 1. Check your File Sync software/OneDrive settings and make sure it's not attempting to back up the same folder that contains your active ComicBase database (see the last two livestreams for lots more on why this is essential). Or just disable OneDrive altogether. 2. If Sidekick is actively backing up or updating your database, just let it finish. (It won't attempt to start an operation like this if it sees ComicBase is open, but if you open ComicBase in the middle of it working on an update, you could get into a lock situation). If your database is stuck in a locked state--e.g. if you force-quit the program while it was writing--Do a File > Save a Copy and make a separate database, then switch to using that copy instead. -Pete
  21. Try resetting your preferences. (File > File Tools > Reset Preferences). If the problem persists, please contact tech support directly.
  22. The problem is that you're using the mobile app for something it's not really meant to do: phones are lousy at barcode entry, compared to actual barcode scanners. That they can do it at all is a small miracle, considering what's involved with stabilizing the camera image, decoding the image pixels, etc. The new mobile app is downright miraculous in what it does, but it's easily 4x slower than using an actual barcode scanner (as are all phone-based barcode scanners). The mobile app is meant for light duty lookup and adding of issues on the go--it's not suited (and was never designed for) mass comic entry. -Pete
  23. Hi Robert, Make sure you've got the _very_ latest build, and that you explicitly select your media folder under Manage Pictures and Movies again -- previous builds had trouble when the media folder was at the root level of a hard drive (still not a good practice--should always be in a subfolder) -Pete
  24. It looks like there's a problem with your Crystal Reports installation (a popular reporting module used by ComicBase, numerous other programs). Try running this service pack for it here, then retrying the ComicBase install: -Pete https://www.dropbox.com/s/664lc3oo6iwhqit/CR13SP29Redist32_0-10010309.ZIP?dl=1
  25. Not directly--you'd have to give us a call and have us clear it out of the server queue. -Pete
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