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  1. there's no way to force landscape rotation if it comes through at first. Each cover that comes in is visually checked by our editorial team. We have to spot it before hand and manually adjusted before adding it in. The problem is the volume of covers we get daily, they're hard to spot sometimes.
  2. we try to take landscape covers as we see them come in BUT its tough... With the huge amount of covers we get daily whether through our weekly book shipments and/or user submissions, its hard to spot them all when the majority are in portrait orientation. If you see them as you come across them, landscape them and send them in via user corrections.
  3. addressed in our master. you may need to manually do the same in your database.
  4. ugh... a user must have sent this in off a website image without cropping it. We'll need to edit it to just show the front cover
  5. I'll let the programming team know. *If you go the View menu>Grid Cover Icon Size>set a different thumbnail size, you get the same problem?
  6. This sounds a bit complex. Can you workup an email to support@comicbase.com and detail/simplify the reproduction steps and/or results your seeing. Please provide screenshots if possible to show off the problem(s). It'll be easier for the programming to address.
  7. 1/K got cancelled. Will update 1/J cover with the next content update
  8. leaving them as is then. I've seen titles where they only did a Cover A (noted somewhere on the book).
  9. Need a bit of clarification... These white background covers for 797, 799, 800 really exist? Our editorial team is having a tough time finding them via online research. If they do exist, can anyone provide cover images for them or weblinks to them? 2ndly, are they all also later 3rd printings?
  10. anyone who can provide accurate cover scans please send them in.
  11. not likely to happen. The given variation letter system and variations V27 and beyond due the job.
  12. Can you screenshot an example title? I'll share it with the programming team.
  13. That SSD you're using brand new? Any firmware updates for it? Internal or external connection? Connecting solid? Maybe try reconnecting. USB? Could be fault cable, maybe try another USB cable.
  14. Are you using the latest build for CB2023 ( If not, download the revised CB2023 Program Installer for your edition from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  15. memory serves they were all noted as Cover A on the actual physical books. I could be wrong... does anyone have copies to confirm?
  16. If you haven't already, run a Rebuild Lists (File Menu>File Tools). Go with Series information, list of owned series, and Item Information as your rebuild selections.
  17. Stuff like this you can send a correction for (no need for a forum post).
  18. can you screenshot an example of how it appears for you?
  19. You got a few examples so we have a better understanding what you have in mind?
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