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How to Submit Title Corrections (not issue corrections)

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I'm just wondering how to submit a correction to a title rather than an individual issue. Things like the Description, Years Published, etc.

Will changes to this information be sent if you submit a correction to an individual issue? If so, do any changes actually need to be made to the issue for the submission to go through?



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Thanks. I noticed Superman (2nd Series) needs to have the "Years Published" updated as it is currently listed as 1987-Present, but it ended in 2011. If I update this field and then just submit a random issue for correction, will the information be sent to you? I suppose I could also submit a larger cover scan to really make it worth your while. 😉 

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The best way is to add them to CB, then select the Issue ( s ), right-click and select Submit New or Corrected data from the pop-up menu.

If you have a larger scan, it will ask if you want to send it, also.

However, if you have a replacement scan (replacing an incorrect one) and it won't ask you to send it, you can post it here with an explanation.

Or, you can send it to Support with an explanation.

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Not a bad question but it is fairly easy.

First, Rename the *.jpg cover scan to the same as the Item #. The only thing to keep in mind is replace any slash ( / ) with a dash ( - ). (because Windows won't allow a slash in a file name.

Some examples:

Item #        Filename

1                   1.jpg

1/A               1-A.jpg

HC 1/A-2     HC 1-A-2

After that, drag and drop it anywhere in the 'grid' area (where the data is).

(If you have multiple covers for the same title, you can drag/drop them all at one time.)

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On 11/29/2021 at 12:46 PM, Mark J. Castaneda said:

That would work. If you have an example of a case where it didn't go through or get accepted, send in a correction then email our team at support@comicbase.com and we'll take look at it.

This does not seem to work.  I submitted a correction for The Saga of Crystar a little while back (I had scanned my own covers to replace the tiny ones in the database) and the old title remains.  I've just sent an e-mail to support.

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ComicBase has it as Saga of Crystar, the Crystal Warrior but it should be The Sage of Crystar, Crystal Warrior.  I sent an email so presumably the incorrect title will be removed eventually. (I currently have both variations, probably due to an update that re-added the wrong one.)

Edit: I see that you have mentioned it in the cover scan maintenance thread, so it looks like it was done. Thanks.

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