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How to "Mark as Solution"

Fred Slota

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4 hours ago, Fred Slota said:

I'm getting more e-mails asking me to validate the solution posts on more threads.  Would love to comply.  How?

These kinds of emails have been showing up in my inbox on occasion.  I just delete them and move on.  The sun still rises in the east, the birds still sing, and the universe hasn't ended.  

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I just started getting them the other day, and given the volume of my postings, I was suspicious that I didn't remember seeing them before.


So, to be clear, there is no "Mark as Solution" button available, and I should ignore e-mails referring to them?

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I think that these emails occasionally go out to the person who started a thread that received some replies.  I suspect (but I'm not positive) that the odds of receiving such an email go up if you (i.e., the original poster) don't respond in the thread that has received responses. 

I'm guessing that it is an over-active feature of the message board software.  

I don't think that this anything like the Swan station button on "Lost", deleting the emails doesn't trigger negative consequences.  

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