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  1. I'll notify our programming team of the option is missing.
  2. Not getting the trouble today... give it another try when you get the chance, if the problem still occurs, please email us asap at support@comicbase.com, provide your User ID and we'll have the programming team investigate.
  3. some times that out of range error could be due to a bad data point in the wrong field. The common cause is a barcode number got entered by accident in a different field (ex: quantity, price, cost, etc.). Try doing advanced Find search 'greater than 1,000' on those fields, hopefully you find the outlier.
  4. that check box should be right in the middle of the update option menu
  5. I don't think this has anything to do with your user login credentials, this sounds like a connection problem to our server. We did a lot of maintenance with it these past few days and I wonder if something is off. Just in case... -Verify your UserID is saved in the software ok (internet menu>login information). It it saves with no error then you're good with that -next try to 'save to web' a new report (ex: Collection Report). If an error pops up, please contact us directly at support@comicbase.com OR call us at 408-266-6883 and we'll address it asap.
  6. This probably due to the web server move. If it happens again, feel free to share it on the Slack channel with a screenshot so Pete can look into it further.
  7. Hey Gary, One case like this happened before with another user. he discovered by accident he converted over the wrong database. Just to be sure its not the case with you, Programming team is curious to know the following: -reinstall CB2017, load in your old db (in the cba format), verify that db has that box location data in the custom field -load/convert that db over again in CB2020; does that data show up?
  8. should be working now (we blew away all the previous large previews--they'll be recreated as requested)
  9. oh right...you might have to refresh the screen by going to a different tile or restarting the software. Forgot to mention that.
  10. if you uncheck the 'lock item notes' in your update options, that you should set your notes to match what we have currently set in our master database. If you wanted to compare notes, i suppose you could manually view what they look like with their Atomic Avenue listing counterpart.
  11. if you can email it again that would be helpful. Please note what region setting your system is set to in the message. thanks.
  12. The server upgrade is done at this point. We're doing extra tweaking on the backend to make sure things are working properly which may stretch to the very end of the week.
  13. *Make sure you're using our most update version of CB2020 (v2878)...you can redownload/install it from your online account here if you need it: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx In Setup>Columns to View, you need to highlight the field you wish to rearrange in the list then hit the 'move up' or 'move down' button. (move up would move it left, move down would move it right on the main screen).
  14. This may be due to our recent web server update this past few days. I'll let the programming team know about it.
  15. when you click on the left most column of a listing, it will full highlight the issue so all sub menu options become select-able. if you have digital comics files, you can drop in the those files like you would a cover picture. The 'play' button will launch whatever program you use to view those digital comics.
  16. This is probably due to your system being in a Dutch region setting. Can you screenshot and email us at support@comicbase.com examples how the mentioned issues numbers are showing up?
  17. Hi Greg, our team just finishing up a web server upgrade late last night. I'm told it could have been the reason for the trouble; the upgrade is completed so try again what you were attempting to do. If you still have trouble, please email us at support@comicbase.com so they can address any lingering trouble. Thanks.
  18. Sure. send an email link to the db file to support@comicbase.com. Briefly mention what you ran across, what problem(s) you noticed, etc. so they know what to look for; the team will do their best to hopefully solve the problem.
  19. Thanks for the video...I'll show it to Pete (lead programmer) and see if he knows what's going on.
  20. Hey Greg, do you a backup copy of your db before this trouble happened that you can load in? If you don't have one locally on your computer, check your online account as you might have backup that you can fall back on here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/MyBackups.aspx If you can get back to a state where you're good, i'd be curious if you can recreate the trouble with exacts steps so we can try them out on our end. If you found some sort of bug; we definitely want to get it addressed.
  21. contact our support team directly at support@comicbase.com. The may need to get ahold of a copy of your database and try to convert it over for you. If you have any kind of cloud storage app/service you use (ex: Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.); upload your database there then email a sharelink to the db file so the support team can work with it.
  22. If you go to the Setup Menu>Columns to View; is that custom field checked to be visible so you see that data on screen?
  23. Does this title show up in anyway in the Title List (Ctrl+T)? I wonder if the title name off in someway that's different from what you see on AA.
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