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  1. Do you have a backup database before you downloaded the latest content update where the issues are listed properly? If so, try to download the latest content update with build and see if the those issues remain the same.
  2. we just updated the CB2020 program installer under registrations here ( https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  3. i'll email you link to the newest build
  4. The problem looks to be your point issues (ex: 24.1) is being converted to #0s. Try out the suggestion Pete just dropped and let us know what happens.
  5. can you display these titles on screen then screenshot and post them? Would like to see what you're seeing. Also email them to us at support@comicbase.com as soon as you can. thanks.
  6. we noticed the corrections you sent in for Wolverine #1 variants today and accepted them. Those will be rolled into the Master Database this week.
  7. for this particular issue of Wolverine, what did you set the issue number to? Did you have a quantity instock (which locks it into being changed by a content update)? we currently don't have the florescent cover in our Master Database
  8. you should be able to download them using the registrations link i noted above
  9. you can manually move them over by going to the title, then go the Edit Menu>Change Title Media Type
  10. head to your online registration pages here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx -click on the green download button to get all the latest program files. more documentation here: https://comicbase.com/wp/getting-started-installing-comicbase-and-pictures/
  11. we'll shift all the Comic Scene titles over to the magazine category in the Master database in next week's content update..
  12. ok. we'll shift it to the magazine category in the Master database in next week's content update..
  13. I don't believe we have that. Feel free to send in a correction through the software and we'll review it for the Master Database. Thanks.
  14. Your renewal purchase will add 1 year of content updates to your account. You don't need to download the install files again.
  15. The 'Download' option would be the way to go as you pick your shipping option as you complete the order. Once you complete the order, just head to your online registrations page here to download all the software files to get ComicBase installed on your computer: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  16. If this is a different signed edition (with COA), we can add it as a new variant.
  17. my memory is hazy... aren't the 'diamond' versions a Whitman edition?
  18. we'll add in these Francis and Ghost Rider comics to this week's update. can you scan the indicia page for the GIjoe comic?
  19. a couple of people have reported this issue in the past... not sure what the cause is. Sounds like the program is getting minimized when it starts up on your taskbar. If you press & hold down the 'shift' key on your keyboard then right-click with your mouse over the CB icon on your taskbar, see if you see the 'maximize' option - it should allow you to fully display the software on-screen.
  20. under 'comics' currently in the master db. We'll move it over to 'magazines' with the upcoming content update.
  21. we got your email concerning this. Sharing our reply in case anyone has similar trouble: You may not be loading in the right database file... In ComicBase 2020, go to the File Menu>File Tools>ComicBase Database Manager – this will search your entire computer for all database files and give you a hard instock total each. The process can take a few minutes to track down all your databases but naturally pick the database with that has the most comics in it as your database going forward.
  22. the cover size set to none was the problem. Pick a size like 24 and it should display properly. I'll notify the programming team of this.
  23. any mention inside the Francis, Brother of the Universe #1 if its a Canadian edition? Can you provide a cover image for the GI Joe: A Real American Hero #3 M Logo Variant?
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