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  1. Not directly--you'd have to give us a call and have us clear it out of the server queue. -Pete
  2. The items from the phone hang out as "unprocessed" until they're synched with your home database via Check for New sales and Purchases. There isn't currently a way to get a report of what you just added, although it's a decent idea for the future. It's maybe worth noting that the iPhone app is cool, but it's not great for heavy data entry due to the mechanics of steadying your phone as you scan a barcode, etc. -- it's really _much_ faster to use a real barcode scanner for heavy work. The iPhone/Android app is most at home doing more casual entry (like when you're at a show and stuck in a hotel room with your new purchases). -Pete
  3. Hi Jeff, The serial # would have been issued to you right when you upgraded. Make sure you're logging in with the same account you purchased from, and contact support@comicbase.com if you need help. -Pete
  4. For anyone still having permissions issues when installing: - I posted a new build (1209) -- which removes the permission setting in the ProgramData folder which we used to need to do to have themes work. This hasn't been a problem for most users, but if that's what's causing your machine to hack up a hairball, this may fix it for you. PLEASE give it a shot and let me know--good or bad--whether this solved it for you. - If it didn't, please send me a note at support@comicbase.com with your phone # and the best time to call you -- I _really_ want to put this issue to bed if possible before we publicize the release widely. Thanks! -Pete
  5. If you get a chance, give us a call Monday at 408-266-6883 and we'll help you out. -Pete
  6. Took a second whack at it: build 1209, where I also changed it from lastname/firstname on characters when typing
  7. Build 1200 (released now) changes the algorithm for appearance indexing to no longer strip off parentheticals. To take advantage of the change, you'll need to (1) Update to build 1200 (out now) and run through File > File Tools > Rebuild Lists > Lists of contributors, storylines, and notes. (The latter step is not needed if you're upgrading from a previous version of ComicBase directly to build or later, as the upgrade from a previous version forces a rebuild of those contributor lists anyway in order to enable Psychic Typing 2.0 -Pete
  8. Try deleting the old one first--it's likely blocking the new install, since they had the same name.
  9. Hi Matthew, It's for Archive Editions only (so if you have Pro, Express, or Free, it's not there) -- if you do have Archive Edition, go to your Windows menu and type "Screen saver". "Change Screen Saver" will come up as an option; choose it. Then, choose the "ComicBase Cover Gallery" screen saver and you're off to the races. -Pete
  10. Stephen: Let's follow up via a separate thread--this one's getting packed with unrelated material. Can you give me a call at 408-266-6883 so we can solve your issue (it's different than the others) -Pete
  11. Anyone having this particular issue: Please give me a call at 408-266-6883 so we can set up a remote session and investigate. Would really like to get whatever the underlying conflict is sorted out ASAP. (You can also send me email directly at support@comicbase.com, if the phones don't ring through due to the hour/holiday) -Pete
  12. Have a look at build 1191 (just posted) -- it does a bit more sophisticated job of figuring out whether you're attempting to copy/paste whole cells, or the individually selected text in a cell, without relying on the context menu (right-click) for the individual cell copy/paste. -Pete
  13. It looks like there's some sort of permissions issue on your drive, where you're not being allowed to set the security settings for one of the system folders (C:\ProgramData). Things I'd try: 1. Uninstall ComicBase, then... 2. Try right-clicking on the installer and choose "Run as Administrator" 3. Temporarily disable any security software that might be blocking the install 4. Try downloading the prerequisites directly from here if needed: https://comicbase.com/distro2021/cb2021resources.exe Please write back and let me know what you experience--a couple of people have had this issue, and I'd really like to determine a cause/workaround. -Pete
  14. Think I've got the underlying issue fixed in build 1174, out now. (Please check--and this is also a great time to advertise a little-known feature of the new version: under Setup > Preferences, "Check for Interim Updates" to see every little update we do, instead of just the big roll-up updates. -Pete
  15. Thanks for bringing this up -- I have to admit that it looks like I dropped the ball on this one in the scramble to get Crystal Palace out the door. My apologies! This fix is included in build, available now. -Pete
  16. Fixed in build 1168, out now. Thanks to Mark and Steve for finding this one! -Pete
  17. It looks like the problem was related to currency settings -- there's a new build out now (1165) which should fix this for you. If you go to My Account > Registrations and download the software again, it should take care of it. Please let me know if it solves the issue for you. Best, -Pete
  18. It looks like the problem was related to currency settings -- there's a new build out now (1165) which should fix this for you. If you go to My Account > Registrations and download the software again, it should take care of it. Please let me know if it solves the issue for you. Best, -Pete
  19. Please follow up with support@comicbase.com with your user IDs--This isn't something we've seen before, or that came up during beta, but wondering if the issue might somehow be account-related. Gonna be doing Thanksgiving myself in a moment, but will check in later. -Pete
  20. Try just double-clicking on your database file (typically, found in My Documents\Human Computing\ComicBase Databases. Also, be sure you're running -- if you happened to snag an earlier build while we were still in the middle of posting, it might be worth re-downloading. Please write support@comicbase.com directly if you're still having trouble.
  21. We sent serial numbers out to all users with active subscriptions last nigh. If you're having trouble using the software, try re-downloading it from My Account >Registrations, and contact support@comicbase.com directly with your user ID if you still need help. Best, -Pete
  22. The report will automatically split itself into multiple reports (based on first letter) after a certain report size. -Pete
  23. There's a couple ways of dealing with this: 1) [Preferred] -- Right-click on the items selected and choose "Request Price Check", giving your estimated price and source of data. Feel free to ask that the rest of the title be re-evaluated at the same time if you feel it's all under or over-valued. 2) Highlight one or more issues and Quick Change to set "Lock Price" to be checked, then set the value as you see fit. This will ensure that those items are unaffected by future price updates. -Pete
  24. The forced update of totals happens once a day, or when you generate stats/a report (so long as it happens at least once that day). Typically, it only takes a few seconds--if it's taking several minutes, there's some sort of performance issue at work on your machine (try temporarily turning off any anti-virus/security software--these tend to be the biggest performance drains). We're also looking into ways to have Sidekick handle this in future versions, so that the update never gets in your way during normal ComicBase usage. -Pete
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