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I tried to download the latest ComicBase content and price update last night. The update ran all night and still wasn't finished this morning, taking all that time to download about 75 book covers (apparently).  I finally had to cancel it. Something's off.

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1 hour ago, Andrew d’Entremont said:

Were there other issues? I was entering some new comics last night and could not download new cover images. I kept getting error messages. 


I was also having issues when entering comics in my database last night. Many, many problems with cover images and error messages.

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By my count, we now have five different threads this month (all started by the same user) asking or commenting about whether Atomic Avenue is down.  Putting on my Moderator's Hat™, I think that this getting out of hand.  

As per Mark Castaneda's post on 7/25, if somebody encounters connectivity issues with the Atomic Avenue site, here are your two options (in order of preference):

1.  Send an email to support@atomicavenue.com  That is the fastest way to get the word out to somebody who can do something about the problem.  

2.  Post something at the Atomic Avenue message board, particularly the Tech Support forum.  If the AA msg boards are down, see #1 above.  

I am going to merge the different 7/2022 "AA is down" threads that currently exist on this message board.  Any new "Is AA down" threads that get started on the ComicBase message board runs the risk of getting moved, locked, or deleted depending on circumstances and what I and the other CB board mods feel is appropriate.  

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