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Removing Excess Entries from the App's List of Databases

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To find the Database ID of your current database:

Press F12 (or use Menu item File->Collection statistics.

When the window displays, click on the item below the Renew Now button (looks like a stack with an i in a circle). If you hover your mouse over it, it displays the text Database info.


The Database ID is the fifth line.971613205_DBID.thumb.JPG.93fc0352c2e4648b304f9cd78cb7b797.JPG


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I'm seeing two databases with the same ID (for example, "ComicBase Database" and "ComicBase Database.cbdb").  When I try to select the cbdb version in the dropdown (not that I'd want to delete those), it reverts to the "extension-less" version.  Note that the same occurs on the My Comics reports page.


Can I safely delete the older 2017-style databases?

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