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  1. Not sure what you mean by not being able to delete the database--you can delete any or all of the entries on your profile--the entry for the current database will reappear when you check for updates from either ComicBase or Sidekick.
  2. We'll be making 20.0.1 a "forced" update (one that shows up when you do a check for updates) this week or next; we're trying to simultaneously fix any bugs instantly and not burn everyone out by pushing a zillion little updates, and instead do periodic "roll-up" updates like 20.0.1
  3. Hi folks, Over the next few weeks, you might see some brief interruptions of service to ComicBase.com and AtomicAvenue.com as we start spinning up some new servers and migrating some of the load of the existing sites over to them. Watch the facebook page for updates if you ever have problems reaching either site for more than a few minutes--we don't anticipate anything major, but we'll try to make sure that page is update if we run into any snags. -Pete
  4. I still haven't gone out to see Joker. Planning to, since I hear good things, but what I'm mostly wondering right now is, what the "girlfriend/wife"-friendliness factor of this one? -Pete
  5. The File > File Tools > Rebuild Items > Lists does do a scrub for a lot of different types of things like this (e.g. "1st appearance Character"; "1: Character", "1st appearance OF Character") but there's undoubtedly combinations it doesn't catch. Do a rebuild on your notes, and when you see specific cases which could be automated away safely, please call them to our attention. -Pete
  6. We just changed up the way the auto-complete handles entry of new titles which are a subset of an existing title to avoid this case (in this case, the trouble was in the "taste oF LOTus.." match). Starting in the next build, pressing back-space deselects the match to the title, letting you more easily deal with things like this. (As a quick workaround, you can also enter "FLOT2" or the like, then edit the title to remove the "2") -Pete
  7. Seeing entries in the mobile app for databases you no longer use? You can remove these by going over to your Profiles page at www.comicbase.com, scrolling down to the bottom of the page, and removing the unwanted entries from the "Known Databases" list: -Pete
  8. ComicBase's pricing is market-based: basically, we just run a rolling average of the sales and listing prices of a couple million records each week to figure out how things are moving. Listing a book a given price tends to "nudge" the price in that direction; actually selling it give it more of a "push" -- bu only for a limited period of time. Of note: when we calculate prices we try to throw out real "outliers" in the data unless they're supported by an increasing number of data points based on how far the move is. (E.g., if you list X-Force #1 for $1,000,000, it'll just get thrown out, not averaged in!) -- unless a whole lot of people agree with you (or we make a lot of sales in that neighborhood). All things considered, the system works pretty well, but weird stuff can still happen, causing prices to get out of whack with market realities. Generally, the process is self-correcting--i.e., new data will move prices back to a more realistic level if they somehow get knocked for a loop by a flood of odd sales. But now, with ComicBase 2020, there's a new tool to help when a price seems unreasonable: the new "Request Price Check" command. (located under ComicBase's "Internet" menu). To use it, just highlight a comic you feel is out of line with market pricing, choose Internet > Request Price Check, and let us know what you think the proper price is (and what you're basing it on). Our editors will conduct a manual review of different market venues and make any necessary corrections to the master pricing in the database. Any changes to the price then become part of the next week's update.
  9. It might be a good idea to add the Mark/Unmark back to the context menu as well. We omitted it since the menu seemed to be getting awfully long, but it'd likely be a good idea to put it back. (You never really know how much some features are being used until you try omitting them from a version!) -Pete
  10. It's still there: 1. Select the items by highlighting the whole row (dragging from the left-most column) 2. Use Edit > Mark (Ctrl+R), or Edit > Unmark (Ctrl+U) to mark the issues Depending on your column setup, the Marked column may not be initially visible: if so, you can add it using the tip here:
  11. Version 1.0.0


    A collection of wallpapers featuring the ComicBase 2020 painting by Laurel Blechman
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