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    Success! I reset my scanner and programed it as I had before but also added "CODABAR SEND START/STOP CHARS-ENABLE" and now it works! Thanks so much for the tip! Incidentally, I finally found that old thread where this barcode scanner was recommended.
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    An Item number is composed of up to 4 items. Type, Issue_Number, Variation, Printing. If all 4 are used it would be: Type Number/Variation-Printing Example using all four: Bk 1/A-2 Not all need to be used. 1 Issue Number only 1/A Issue Number with Variation 1-2 Issue Number with Printing 1/A-2 Issue Number with Variation and Printing 1-2 Issue Number with Printing Bk 1 Type with Issue Number Bk 1/A Type with Issue Number and Variation Bk 1/A-2 Type with Issue Number and Variation and Printing (There are other combinations) Punctuation is: A Space between Type and Issue Number (Bk 1) A Slash between Issue Number and Variation (1/A, 1/HC, etc.) A Dash between Issue Number (or Variation if used) and Printing (1-2, 1/HC-2)
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    I can't comment intelligently on the cause of value changes without knowing your collection--all we really do is compute rolling averages on market pricing (a couple million data points each week). That said, one of the features we're looking to incorporate soon is to automatically generate a list of top dollar and percent gainers each week for your collection as it does the update, as well as other reporting tools. Watch for it as we get underway by checking the interim builds page on comicbase.com > support -Pete
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    Bk 1 is the keeper. We'll remove #1
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    will adjust for the next content update. thanks.
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    good catch; we'll adjust the master DB. So it looks like there's no issues for the 5th series past #83.
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    I had the same problem except I was using 3 custom check boxes, 4 custom fields and one custom date field. Only the custom check boxes retained any information. So I am switching back to the 2017 Archive edition until I can get a couple of days off to try and fix this. But if there's Gary's problem, John Pelszynski's problem as well as mine, maybe there's a bug?
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    First, the Pictures folder (and its contents) will NOT be deleted if you Uninstall CB. Second, the Picture folder is there but it is not located in the same place as the Databases. The easiest way to find it is: Open CB and select menu item File->File Tools. Then click on Manage Pictures and Movies. in the window that opens, it should have the location of the Pictures folder. The Default location should be on you C Drive in \Users\Public\Documents\Human Computing\ NOTE: Documents may be named Public Documents (Windows aliases this with Documents and either one could be displayed PS: You can change the location to some other location if you like. Just remember to point the folder that Contains the Pictures folder and NOT the actual Pictures folder.
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    Have a look at build (just posted). It should address this issue for you. If you have any trouble, please contact me directly. -Pete
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    Greg, this can still be done. If you just want to create the folder, go to a Title that does not have any covers. Then, right-click on the large picture area in the top left corner (if there are no covers, it should look like CB's super-guy), and select Show Picture File. This will create (if it doesn't exist) and open a windows folder at that location. Or If you have a Cover that you want to move into CB, make sure it is named correctly, and then drag and drop it in the grid area, this will also create the folder. This is a little different from previous version where you dropped on the picture area. (Technically, the folder will be created even if you have the cover named incorrectly, it just won't be tied to an Item #.)
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    Run File Tools->Rebuild Lists Series Information. I think the way CB works now is using 'static' lists (at least this is the easiest way to explain). Just adding a new Title doesn't automatically update these static lists. Rebuilding Series information appears to update them.
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    Unless there's a substantial difference in value, I leave mine as Regular.
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    All I can say is I haven't experienced anything like this. Running Rebuild Lists and Optimize Database (both under File->File Tools) my help.
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    It might be a good idea to add the Mark/Unmark back to the context menu as well. We omitted it since the menu seemed to be getting awfully long, but it'd likely be a good idea to put it back. (You never really know how much some features are being used until you try omitting them from a version!) -Pete
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    It's still there: 1. Select the items by highlighting the whole row (dragging from the left-most column) 2. Use Edit > Mark (Ctrl+R), or Edit > Unmark (Ctrl+U) to mark the issues Depending on your column setup, the Marked column may not be initially visible: if so, you can add it using the tip here:
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